Friday, December 17, 2010

The cost of Jihad Today: $100 per Barrel

$100 Jihad

The price of a barrel of oil is just about a hundred bucks today, which means Santa's trip this year will be a whole lot more costly.  Pump prices should reach an average of $3.50 by the time the ball drops in Times Square.  We will tighten the already stretched wallet and hunker down, making new years promises to drive less and start bicycling to work. 

And the jihad plays on in those countries controlling our way of life.

Think about this: we buy our oil from countries which view us as nothing more than "useful idiots".  America pumps enormous amounts of its own oil yet still must buy 12M barrels a day.  Looking at the stats from back in 2008, the largest oil exporter is Saudi Arabia, which in '08 sent 8.0M barrels to its customers, while producing 10.7M barrels.  The difference is what they needed for their own use.  After the Saudis, the list reads like a whos who of thugs: Russia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Norway, Kuwait, Nigeria, Venezuela, Algeria and Angola.  Outside of Norway, I see no country who I would consider our true friend.

Russia, I had hopes for her after the fall of the wall in 1989, now they are just so many petty criminals running a large, dysfunctional family through intimidation, bribery and coercion.  Nigeria is a hotbed of jihadist activity, as witnessed by recent attempts at mass murder here in the US.  Venezuela and Hugo Chavez have shown themselves to be dictatorial, repressive and friendly to Hamas and Hizballah.  Iran, even though Obama said that they were too small to be of any real threat, is developing nuclear weapons, and together with the violent and apocalyptic Shia theology, there is a great chance that  a good part of Iran and Israel will be reduced to a flat black slab of obsidian.

The list of exporting countries is bleak, the list of importing countries makes the case for severly reducing, or altogether stopping oil imports from our enemies.  The top ten importers are: US, Japan, China, Germany, South Korea, India, France, Spain, Italy and Taiwan.  The difference is obvious; we(importers) are at the mercy of them (exporters) and they have all the advantages.  We are their slaves and they are our masters. 

The amount of money which has flowed to those who curse us is in the trillions.  Look what our dollars have paid for and ask yourself if this has been a wise social investment.  Skiing in Dubai, palm-shaped private islands off Bahrain, incredible displays of consumerism rivalling Beverly Hills, yet the majority of the populations live like paupers.  Where is the infrastructure for heavy industry, of digital R&D, or science research, or sustainable agribusiness, or any of those other traits which help to maintain and grow a countries intellectual prowess?  They will have none of that, they just take the petro/tourist dollars and divide it up among a small cadre of elites.

Billions of dollars swell the ledger sheets of our enemies, outspoken or not.  As our dollars go to those who, as a rule want us either to bend to their rule or die, we need to ask ourselves; how much longer will we subsidize our own demise.  As long as we are blindly willing to give our enemies the ability to hurt us deeply, we leave ourselves open to a fall of, biblical proportions.

Stop the importation of oil from our enemies, develop ALL manner of energy production no matter what, relax regulations on individual production of alternative fuels and be serious about cutting off the lifeblood of those dedicated to seeing us gone from the scene.

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Hank Richards said...

Pretty good article but I would trust Canada as a great trading partner who we also buy oil from. This article will be printed in with the authors permission