Friday, December 31, 2010

South America: The Cocaine Jihad

The focus of Islam is to make each country on the planet an Islamic one, with sharia law as the principle source of legislation and Islam the official state religion.  For decades the West has looked upon our South American neighbors as the lesser of the two hemispheres, never really taking into account, especially in the last 15 years, that Islamists had their eye on South America, and were working on ways to exploit it to their advantage.   

We have a history of propping up puppet dictatorships, installing Western-backed despots and supporting the "other side" when it suited our needs.  Those "banana republics" are now, for the most part gone, but the undercurrent of dissent and revolution is still very much alive.

Jihadists have for a long time used the proceeds from drug traffiking to bolster their power and control the population.  It is no secret that the opium crop in Afghanistan is a prime source for Islamic funding, and a weapon against the West in the form of heroin addiction.  We have allowed Karzai and the Taliban to continue their drug program, under the guise of supporting the local population and their cultural ways.

South America is the new Middle East, and dictators like Hugo Chavez are the new dogs in this coming fight.

From The Telegraph Dec 29 by Robin Yapp

South American drug gangs funding al-Qaeda terrorists - South American drugs gangs are providing millions of pounds of funding for al-Qaeda terrorists by paying them to ensure the safe passage of cocaine across north Africa and towards Europe.

Islamic rebels familiar with the barren terrain of the Sahara have struck deals under which they provide armed security escorts for drug traffickers in return for a slice of their profits.
Counter-terrorism experts said that the terrorists belong to the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) group, which has kidnapped a series of Westerners and killed a British tourist last year.
They warned that the money they receive from drugs gangs could be used to attract new recruits and plan terrorist attacks on European cities.

No doubt the money will be used to pay for more jihad attacks, and to recruit more members of the "religion of peace"
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