Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In order not to insult Christians, Indonesian officials remove footbaths and prayer rugs ahead of visit by Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur....wait, what?

Another trip down the rabbit hole.  See the smiling cat in the distance.

From The Malaysian Insider Dec 29 b y Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR.  Catholic church officials were told to remove crucifixes and to avoid hymns being sung when Prime Minister Najib Razak attended the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur’s Christmas tea party last Saturday.

The overzealous bid to protect the prime minister’s Islamic credentials was described by sources familiar with what happened as “paranoid” and done without Najib’s knowledge.

The sources also noted the actions of officials from the prime minister’s office could have jeopardised warming religious ties.

Or not.

Sources disclosed that this year, the PM’s aides had issued a list of instructions to Archbiship Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam to facilitate Najib’s attendance on Christmas Day.
Among the directives given were:
. To remove any overt Christian symbol, such as crucifixes, from the party premises
. That carollers not belt out hymns
. Not to quote from Scriptures or say any Christian prayer during the visit.

Not out of line, considering that these are common rules regarding Christians in a Muslim land, and their behavior therein.

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Anonymous said...

Remove signs of Christianity but build footbaths and have separate swimming times for Muslim women at public pools. A one-way street when it comes to followers of mohammed, either their way or the hiway.

lolfail said...

The fact that you think Kuala Lumpur is in Indonesia tells me all I need to know about your deep Islamic scholarship.

You do know that Indonesia is the world's largest Islamic country, right? You should learn its capital.

Unknown said...

Uh, Lolfail, please point out where I say that the capitol of Indonesia is Kuala Lumpur. I re-post the original story with the source, if you cannot see that, and blame me for how the story is written, I am sorry for your lack of critical thinking skills. Yes I know Indonesia and Malaysia have the largest Muslim populations of any Islamic country, so what?