Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teaching Islam in Oregon, No. In Arizona, Yes

I just saw this, and of course it gave me pause.  Here we have someone who is instructing people on Islamic doctrine, using the words of our enemies, and he is allowed to pass this on to those interested.  By doing it through a Jewish group is even more astonishing, as most temples and Jews do not want to speak about Islam in any way other than glowing.  I would hope people in Oregon would be open to the same kind of dialogue, yet it seems that the PC police here want nothing to do with free speech as guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution.

From the Jewish News of greater Phoenix Online Nov 26, by Josh Sayles

Despite concerns expressed last summer by community leaders including Temple Kol Ami's Rabbi B. Charles Herring and Anti-Defamation League Regional Director Bill Straus about Dr. Carl Goldberg's views on Islam, the Bureau of Jewish Education brought Goldberg back this fall to teach about the religion.

"I obviously don't make the decisions of how to manage the Bureau of Jewish Education, nor would I expect (BJE Director) Aaron (Scholar) to attempt to manage the affairs of the ADL," said Straus. "I am disappointed, though. It's been obvious to me for years that Carl made up his mind (about Islam) a long time ago and is unwilling to hear any side of this issue other than the one he insists on embracing."

"...made up his mind (about Islam) a long time ago..."  And that means, what exactly?.  This is a clear demonization of Dr. Goldberg's research which is based in the Qur'an and the voices of those who define Islamic doctrine. 

Goldberg emphasized to both his students and to Jewish News that the theories he presents are not his, and that he gets his information "from the most esteemed Muslim scholars of the 20th century," such as Sayyid Qutb, Abul Maududi and Yusuf al-Qaradawi; he also frequently cites Robert Spencer. He said when he speaks of the dangers of Islam he is not talking about all Muslims, only those who follow Islamic doctrines.  Islamic doctrines are the principal foundations of the religion.

Qutb, Maududi and Qaradawi interpret Islamic doctrine, texts and tenets that show Muslims the requirements on how to behave towards other Muslims and non-Muslims(kuffir).  There is no disagreement within the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence that anything said by the aforementioned scholars is wrong, or against the traditions of Muhammad. 

  When asked about how to solve the issue, Goldberg said "I'm not in the business of providing solutions....I'm in the business of providing the truth about Islam so that people can become educated and learn about it. The solutions will be left up to the American people in an open discussion."
All well and good, Dr. Goldberg, all well and good as long as they let you speak.

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