Monday, April 11, 2011

...they will be enforcing the country’s new burka ban "extremely cautiously" because of fears of provoking violence.

After all the bluster and puffing of chests, the French, true to their history of folding at the slightest provocation now are bending to not insult Islam or Muslims by being very egg-shell stepping.  Once again Muslim aggression and possible violence trumps what should be iron will by the French government.  It is no wonder then that there are many no-go zones in France, where Muslims reign supreme and no one outside of Muslims is allowed in. 

I admired Sarkozy at first for his stand on immigration and the problems with Islam, but now he has shown his true colors, that of a dhimmi. 

From The Telegraph April 11 by Peter Allen

French burka ban: police arrest two veiled women

French police arrested two veiled women this morning just hours after the country's new ban on wearing the burka in public came into force.  

The women were arrested along with several other people protesting in front of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris against the new law.

Jourrnalists at the scene said the arrests came after police moved in to break up the protest which had not been authorised.

On Saturday police arrested 59 people, including 19 veiled women, who turned up for a banned protest in Paris against the draconian new law, the first of its kind to be enforced in Europe.

Unfairly label the law so as to stigmatize it, while bolstering the victimization of Muslims. 

Earlier, French police said they will be enforcing the country’s new burka ban "extremely cautiously" because of fears of provoking violence.

Dhimmi behavior.  We are not responsibile for how Muslims act. 

They fear Muslims extremists will use the law to provoke fights with officers, while rich visitors from countries like Saudi Arabia will also cause trouble .

Don't mess with the money, or else. 

All garments which cover the face were officially banned from first thing this morning, with offenders facing fines of 150 euros (£133).

But police admitted that they feared being accused of discrimination against Muslims, whether approaching women in tinderbox housing projects or on the Champs Elysee.

"The law will be very difficult to apply on certain estates," said Patrice Ribeiro, of the Synergie police union.

Referring to two Paris suburbs where riots regularly break out because of alleged discrimination against Muslims, Mr Ribeiro said: "I can’t see police going to book dozens of veiled women doing their shopping in Venissieux or in Trappes.

"It will be the same when a police officer is about to arrest a veiled Saudi who is about to go into Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysees. In all cases, the forces of order will have to be measured and cautious in their behaviour."

In other words, do nothing so as not to insult Muslims, unless absolutely required and only after careful and deliberate pondering on the possible consequences of your actions.

Dhimmitude of the first order.

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