Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7 churches closed in Algeria: No Christians allowed as per Allah

Christians, as Jews are "people of the book" in Islam, yet they have virtually no rights as we know them in the West.  Algeria is a country where the constitution says Islam is the official religion.  Christians can apply for a permit to be a Christian, but the cannot try to convert to, or speak about Christianity under penalty of....well, death.  This is another clear example of sharia law applied with Islamic precision against the dhimmi non-believer. 

North Africa is soon to be entirely pure Islam, and after that comes the march South until the whole of the continent will be under the spell of Muhammad. 

From ANSAmed May 24


(ANSAmed) - ALGIERS - A new clampdown on Christian protestants in Algeria. The Algerian 'wilaya' (province) of Bejaia has ordered 7 places of worship of this religious group to be closed.

The measure, el Watan reports on its website, was issued on May 8. It was made executive on the 22nd and announced yesterday. Sources in the Vatican nunciature in Algiers have told ANSAmed that Catholic churches are not affected by the measure, and that the measure does not regard national territory.

Mustapha Krim, president of the Protestant Church in Algeria, has appealed against the measure, which speaks in general terms of the closing of places of worship ''for religious worship other than the Islam''. Krim has said that he has visited the Ministry of Religious Affairs in an attempt to postpone the implementation of the measure. He underlined that he has not been informed about it in time.

Protestants, a rapidly growing movement in Algeria, has been targeted for several years by the Islamic religious authorities and civilians. The government accuses the Protestants of proselytism, a serious crime in a country where Islam is the State religion and Muslims are not allowed to convert to other religions.

And we are constantly told that Islam regards all other religions as equal, and that "...there is no compulsion in religion..."(2-256)

In Algeria, other religions than the Islam can register and obtain an official status, provided they will not try to recruit new followers among the local population.

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