Friday, May 27, 2011

Democracy marches on in Egypt

As you read this, secular democacy is bloomig all over the Middle East.  Obama is reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood, calling it a secular organization which builds boys clubs and has eschewed violence.  Then how does Obama explain these articles? 

From AlMasryAlYoum May 26 by Hany ElWaziry

Brotherhood leader: Next govt to be Islamist
A new video posted on the internet shows a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader saying Egypt's next government will be Islamist.

The clip shows Sobhi Saleh, a senior Brotherhood figure who was a member of a judicial panel that laid down Egypt's current interim constitution, making statements to the group's younger members that became controversial. 

In the clip, Saleh said younger Brotherhood members should marry wives from within the group, saying those marriages will produce children and families that will form a "Brotherhood community able to impose its presence on life in Egypt."
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...and with Islamists comes sharia...
From AlMasryAlYoum May 25  by Khalaf Ali Hassan
Brotherhood leader: We shall apply Islamic sharia 
The Muslim Brotherhood would apply Islamic sharia if it came to power, said leading Brotherhood figure Sobhi Saleh, adding that sharia protects non-Muslim citizens.

“Terms like civil or secular state are misleading,” he said. “Islamic sharia is the best system for Muslims and non-Muslims."

Saleh apologized for his earlier statements that the Muslim Brotherhood could not recognize liberals or communists as Muslims, and that he disapproved of Muslims marrying outside the group.

“The media incorrectly paraphrased my statements,” he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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