Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jihad by the wallet explained for us

What better way to understand jihad and Islamic doctrine than by listening to the words of those dedicated to murdering you, me, our families and friends and destroying Western civilization. 

Egyptian Salafi Shaykh Abi-Ishaq al-Huwayni tells Muslims they must end their financial woes by waging jihad.  The reason they are in such dire straits is because they have abandoned jihad.  Back to the basics, as it were and everything will be fine.

Let's call this jihad by the wallet, Pt 3.

From Translating Jihad May 31

Egyptian Shaykh: Jihad Is Solution to Muslims' Financial Problems 

We are in the era of jihad. The era of jihad has come over us, and jihad in the path of Allah is a pleasure. It is a real pleasure. The companions (of the Prophet) used to compete to (perform jihad). The poverty that we’re in—is it not due to our abandonment of jihad? But if we could conduct one, two, or three jihadist operations every year, many people throughout the earth would become Muslims. And whoever rejected this da’wa, or stood in our way, we would fight against him and take him prisoner, and confiscate his wealth, his children, and his women—all of this means money. Every mujahid who returned from jihad, his pockets would be full. He would return with 3 or 4 slaves, 3 or 4 women, and 3 or 4 children. Multiply each head by 300 dirhams, or 300 dinar, and you have a good amount of profit. If he were to go to the West and work on a commercial deal, he would not make that much money. Whenever things became difficult (financially), he could take the head (i.e. the prisoner) and sell it, and ease his (financial) crisis. He would sell it like groceries. Of those who are--(cuts off )

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