Monday, May 16, 2011

Thailand Buddhist murdered by the religion of peace

Yala province in Thailand has been one of many sites plagued by Islamic agitation.  Jihadists have murdered hundreds of Buddhists, Christians and those seen as not Muslim enough.  I point this out to illustrate that as we deny jihad even exists, it crashes forward in defiance of words to the opposite.

As the innocents fall under the sword of Islam we do nothing.  Ignorance is the creed with which Western eyes see the looming conflict and no amount of facts will sway them from their appointed mantra "We can talk this out and agree to a compromise"

No you can't.  As long as Islam holds death above life there is nothing to talk about.  Just ask the Buddhist in Thailand.

From The Straits Times May 16

Bomb kills 2 Buddhist monks in Thai south   

YALA (Thailand) - A POWERFUL roadside bomb killed two Buddhist monks and wounded two soldiers in Thailand's Muslim deep south on Monday, police said, the latest attack in a region hit by seven years of separatist violence.

Whenever you see this phrase, remember it means "Muslim" or "Islamic".  They are the ones wanting a pure and exclusive Muslim/sharia-compliant country, not the Buddhists.

The bomb was hidden in a ditch in Yala province bordering Malaysia and was triggered as a pickup truck carrying the monks from a temple drove past.

The blast sent the vehicle rolling 10m and also wounded two soldiers assigned to protect the monks from attacks by Muslim militants. Police said the bomb was made from explosives packed into a cooking gas cylinder and weighed about 20kg(appx 50Lb).

The intensity of violence in rubber-rich Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani has increased this year. Attacks include powerful bombings, an assassination attempt on a provincial governor and a deadly weapons raid on a poorly guarded army barracks.

The main targets are security forces and employees of the Thai state, although Buddhist monks have also been killed and there are signs of tensions between Muslims and the Buddhist minority.

Ya think?

Thailand's southern border, about 1,100km away from Bangkok, is among Asia's most violent places, with more than 4,500 people killed since 2004 in gun and bomb attacks the authorities blame on rebels fighting for autonomy for ethnic Malay Muslims.

There it is, ethnic Malay Muslims.  And here I thought it may have been those pesky Mennonites.

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