Sunday, May 15, 2011

Was it jihad, or was it defective equipment?

Witnesses say the driver was shouting Allahu Akbar and death to Jews as weaved his truck in a deliberate attempt to run people and cars over.  His family says it was a defective tire which blew, and besides, he was tired. 

A tired jihadist neglects tire maintenance and, while driving fatigued he accidentally ran over dozens of people and killed one.  OK...sure.

From The Jerusalem Post May 15 by Yaakov Lappin

‘He had a crazy look in his eye...running down everything' 

“It was obvious it was deliberate,” Natalie said. “He was looking at the road to see what was there, and then back down at his wheel." A second woman, who asked not to be named, was visibly traumatized after seeing the truck run over the vehicle belonging to Aviv Morag, 29, who was killed instantly.

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