Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A tangible way to support our troops

Long-time readers will agree that I have never promoted or sponsored a cause, but this one is so important I cannot ignore it.  Whatever you may think of our men and women who put on a uniform, they deserve our continued support for doing a job most of us would not do.  They are unsung heroes, all of them.

Through Jihad Watch and Robert Spencer this blog is now part of the "Troopathon 2011" campaign which sends care packages overseas.  These are packages containing items which the soldiers need but do not have.  Comfort items and personal items which give a sense of home, and a feeling of support by those they are charged to protect.

Please, go to The Campaign Store and choose the care package you want to have sent.  Please include a personal note to the soldiers, a kind word goes farther than a wrapped package so send them your best wishes.

Please go to Jihad Watch to see who else is on our team.  There are currently 9 blogs on the "Anti-Jihadists" team, led by Spencer.  We are in some good company including Atlas Shrugs, Creeping Sharia and D.C. Watson. 

Come on everyone, lets show our troops we care, we are behind them and we want them to be safe and comfortable as possible. 

I have done my part and sent a large pack but I am just one man on a fixed income.  I do what I can, please do what you can. 

God bless our troops.

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