Friday, May 20, 2011

Women martyrs for Hamas: do they get 72 virgins?

Well no, they get to be a favorite wife for their husband, but he still gets the virgins AND the wives.  Sounds like fun, eh gals?

Hamas is supported by the Obama administration in many ways, not the least of which is the latest speech where the support of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders would effectively end Israel's existence, giving Hamas a hugh victory and would expand Islamic hegemony in the region. 

Obama is a Muslim in behavior, if not in practice.  He is surrounded by anti-semetic syncophants who, collectively want nothing less than Israel gone.  The support of "democratic"  revolutions in Muslim countries amounts to support of our enemies and that will cost Obama everything as we approach election time.  Hopefully.

Remember, Obama supports Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islam, over and above American security and ethics.

From MEMRI May 19

Hamas TV Extols Female Palestinian Suicide Bombers and Jihad Fighters: Jihad-Fighting Mothers Urge Their Sons to Seek Martyrdom  

Hamas Minister of Women's Affairs Jamila Al-Shanti: "Palestinian society is, by nature, a society of resistance. Resistance does not mean only the bearing of arms. The people who aid those who bear arms are sometimes even stronger than them. The [Palestinian] woman is the wife of a resistance fighter, or the mother of resistance fighters, or else she herself is on the frontline, or she opens her home to resistance fighters. She is capable of doing everything. During the incursions [into Gaza], the women fought in every way possible. They confronted the tanks, they confronted the Zionist enemy.

"All means of resistance are available to women. In addition, we have a long list of female martyrdom-seekers. Need I say more? If you do the math, the number of male martyrdom-seekers is twice the number of female martyrdom-seekers. So the number of female martyrdom seekers is hardly insignificant.

"What does the number of martyrdom women tell us? It means that the women have not left the dangerous places. The women who live along the border did not leave their homes. They say: 'The resistance is here. If I leave, the Zionist enemy will be able to isolate the resistance fighters.' So the women remained in their homes, and serve as shields for these fighters.

"Resistance consists of many things, one of which is the bearing of arms – and women bear arms as well. The women are at the service of the military operations and the resistance. There is no realm to which they are denied entry."

Interviewer: "So nothing prevents them from taking part in military operations in the future."

Jamila Al-Shanti: "We have told the women that each and every one of them should train, with the help of her son or husband, so that she is ready for any operation."

Interviewer: "Is there a way for women to undergo military training?"

Jamila Al-Shanti: "They can do it the way I said – through their husbands and sons. However, opening military training camps for women is not a trivial thing." […]

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

There were a number of bombshell announcements on the news yesterday. The first being Obama's statement that Israel return to its 1967 borders. That would make defending Israel from its many hostile neighbors, virtually impossible. Second announcement was the massive cut in funds for the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force, a decision that will decimate US cities efforts to protect themselves from terrorist attacks. Cities like New York and L.A. will continue to receive funding but smaller cities will not. Third, that fun loving party boy and prankster Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ruler of Iran, announced that he will chair OPEC's June 8th meeting in Vienna. Iran is OPEC's 2nd largest oil producer after Saudi Arabia, and his decision to take an active role in the June 8th meeting does not bode well for US gas prices. Iran assumed the rotating presidency of OPEC in October of 2010. Fourth, as Obama slashes healthcare for senior citizens in this country (enormous Medicare cuts), the US will instead be sending massive amounts of US dollars to those Middle Eastern countries struggling for "democracy". Right, the installation of radical Islam and Shariah Law throughout the Middle East. And today, China gave our friends and allies in Pakistan, 50 jet fighters. Sweet!
In September of this year, the United Nations will vote on the Israeli/Palestine question. The UN could and most likely will grant Palestine statehood. Our "president" and his unwavering support of Islam is making the world a very unsafe place in which to live.
Meanwhile our press continues its in depth and around the clock coverage of Arnold Schwarzenegger's affair, his "love child" and how Maria is reacting.
I feel much better now knowing that our priorities are in order.