Thursday, May 26, 2011

Islamists reject statue of Mother Teresa

Kosovo Muslims, whom Bill Clinton supported against Chechens are now in a snit because an American-Albanian group plans to erect a statue of Mother Teresa.  Isn't it strange that a true saint among the poor, who saw no religion in anyone she cared for would be regarded as unfit for public display.  A tribute to a woman who gave her life, literally for the care and feeding of the most desperately poor, Muslims included rejected due to Islamic sensibilities is an affront to all Muslims claim Islam stands for. 

This is just another in a long line of continuing the hegemonic decisions driving Islam and Muslims.

From BalkanInsight May 26 by Petrit Collaku

Kosovo Muslims Resent New Mother Teresa Statue

A Muslim youth group in Peja, the Muslim Youth Forum, has asked the mayor to withdraw the decision, saying it does not represent the interests of the Muslim community and is an insult to a town that is 98 per cent Muslim.

The group said it had collected 2,000 signatures already on a petition opposing the statue, and if statues were to go up at all, they should be of heroes from the independence war with Serbia.

"This decision by the authorities has been lobbied for and financed by the Catholic Church's service service, Opus Dei," Noli Zhita told Balkan Insight.

He said that many Muslims of Peja felt insulted by the decision, which formed part of an ongoing plan to Christianise the public space in Kosovo.

The youth group said a further point was that Mother Teresa was neither a true Albanian, nor from Kosovo.

"She was of Vlach origin, born in Macedonia. She is not an Albanian," Zhita said.

(.)Mayor Ali Berisha...downplaying the relevance of Mother Teresa's religious identity, said her work for the poor and dying transcended the whole issue.

I think that there should not be a religious connotation to this question, but a humanitarian one alone,” Berisha told Balkan Insight.

Nice sentiments, Berisha but do you really believe that Islamists and jihadists will follow Western definitions of humanitarianism, and if so, can you show us where in the Qur'an it says that?

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