Monday, May 16, 2011

A baby, Israel and Islam

This is a sad story, highlighting the chasm between democracy and pure Islam.  When trying to do good surrounded by a world of bad, perspective is everything.  And ultimately it is the child who suffers most.

This is Islam.

From the National Post May 16 by Graeme Hamilton

Do no harm: How a Gazan baby’s life became tangled in politics  

MONTREAL — Raz Somech, director of immunology at Israel’s largest pediatric hospital, is trained to save children’s lives. But in the Middle East, even a heroic struggle to keep a baby alive can become entangled in the region’s politics.

The documentary Precious Life has turned the unassuming Dr. Somech into a celebrity with its portrayal of his effort to save a Palestinian baby born without an immune system. On Monday night he will be the star attraction at a screening of the film in Montreal as part of the Israel Film Festival.

His unexpected fame began with an action that to him was simply his duty as a physician. A sickly four-month-old Mohammed Abu Mustafa had arrived at the emergency room from Gaza. “It was very easy to diagnose him as having a severe type of immunodeficiency,” Dr. Somech said in an interview. The same genetic condition had already claimed the lives of two of Mohammed’s sisters, and without a costly bone marrow transplant, it was unlikely he would survive beyond his first birthday.

But as the story unfolds, it becomes one not just of generosity and medical marvel but of the value placed on life. The stark difference in living conditions in Gaza and Israel means an operation considered automatic for an Israeli child would be beyond the reach of a Palestinian family without the urgent intervention of an anonymous benefactor (a man whose own son had recently died during his Israeli military service.) And even after the funding has been secured and the transplant performed, Mohammed’s mother, Raida, makes a statement that calls into question all the efforts to save his life.

As she and the filmmaker, Israeli TV reporter Shlomi Eldar, discuss the status of Jerusalem, Raida says she would be proud to see her son grow up to be a suicide bomber. “Even the smallest infant, younger than Mohammed, to the oldest person, we’ll all sacrifice ourselves for Jerusalem,” she says. Asked by a dumbfounded Mr.
Eldar whether she would let Mohammed become a shahid, or martyr, if he recovers, she replies, “Absolutely. If it’s for the sake of Jerusalem, I would.” Life, she says, is not precious".

Here is the crux of the biscuit in all it's glory.  In Islam, the highest goal is to die while murdering innocents and non-Muslims.  The sanctity of death is to be held in higher esteem than the sanctity of life.


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