Sunday, May 15, 2011

But I thought they really wanted peace with Israel

The MSM, the WH and pundits from all stripes claim that Hamas just wants peace and to live in safety.  The willful blindness about Hamas, carried due to a belief that Hamas must be like any other civic-minded government, is the greatest impediment to peace.  Until Hamas is recognized for what it is; a Islamist-driven power base bent on the destruction of Israel and the Jews, there cannot be a peace.  When Hamas gets rid of it's charter, the real work of peace-building can begin.

Each time Hamas makes a statement such as this one, there should be an international outcry against those words.  That is not likely, as internationally the support is for Hamas and against Israel.  Misguided loyalties like these will only result in more death and suffering to the refugees and they need less, not more.

From M&C May 15

Haniya: Hamas won't recognize Israel  

Gaza City - Ismail Haniya, the de-facto Palestinian premier in Gaza, reiterated in Gaza City on Sunday that his Islamist Hamas movement would not recognize Israel.
He told hundreds of worshippers at Gaza City's main mosque 'to pray for the end of the state of Israel.'

'The Zionist project in Palestine must end,' Haniya told participants at the dawn prayers at al-Omari Mosque, as Palestinians were marking Nakba Day.

Nakba means catastrophe in Arabic and marks the dispersal of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their villages in what is now Israel, in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war that erupted a day after Israel was established on May 14.

The real nakba is what was done to the refugees by the Arab League in 1948.  They were told to leave their homes for a few hours, maybe a few days, just until the armies of Allah could push Israel and the Jews into the sea.  After that everyone would return home to a Jew-free Middle East.  The plight of the refugees is to be placed squarely on the shoulders of Arab leaders at the time, not Israel or the Jews.

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