Sunday, May 22, 2011

Threats from jihadists shuts down theatre show in secular Turkey

Once more, threats of viollence from Islam stifles free speech and free association.  The Cameri Thjeatre had planned some shows for the locals, but due to the "insulting" nature of this un-Islamic performance, the religion of peace decided to threaten the cast and producers, who in turn knuckled under and cancelled the show. 

Another example, of which there are too many, of violent intimidation from Islam trumping the enjoyment of art.  Remember the Buddah's at Bamiyan.

From The Jerusalem Post May 22

Cameri theater cancels Turkey show after Islamic threats


The Cameri Theater was forced to cancel its play You Shook My Heart in Antalya after radical Islamic protesters threatened to disrupt the performance, Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Gabby Levy said on Sunday.

Levy called on the troupe to cancel the play following warnings from Turkish authorities that protests could break out in the theater.
Company director Noam Semel told Army Radio that he canceled the play because he could not endanger the 21-person crew. Semel said he had held performances abroad at least 100 times and could not remember an incident like this.

Rami Baruch, who plays a referee in the play, told Army Radio that the company was concerned about a group of people who bought tickets in bulk.

“These are people whose intentions are not innocent. There were calls on many websites to gather and oppose this specific play.”

On the dates of the performance a number of radical Islamic and anti-Israel demonstrations are expected to be held, Baruch explained. "In the coming days, the anniversary rally for the [Turkish Mavi]
Marmara flotilla will be held, and apparently some relatives of those injured on the flotilla live in the city," he said. "In addition to this, Nakba Day and [assassinated Hezbollah terrorist Imad] Mughniyeh also interfered in the incident."

Along with Nakba and the Mavi Marmara raid anniversary day, there is also the upcoming general elections in Turkey next month.

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