Saturday, May 21, 2011

More "nakba" for Israel

Nakba means catastrophe and is usually applied by the refugees and Islam to the "ethnic cleansing" and occupation of Palestine by the Jews.  In this regard, the nakba is used against the Jews and Israel in the form of protesters trying to gain entrance to Israel by overwhelming the borders.  It was tried a few days ago and now it is being used again to mark the beginning of the 1967 war. 

It is an invasion by a foreign entity and Israel has every right to stop them with whatever means they want.  I say, if my country is being invaded by an army or people, with or without uniforms I lock and load and stand my ground at the parapets.

I trust Israel will do the same.

From The Jerusalem Post May 21

Palestinian group calls for more 'Nakba Day' style riots   


The Pro-Palestinian group that organized "Nakba Day" marches announced on Saturday that they were planning further protests on June 5, the day that the Six Day War broke out. The announcement, which was published on the Internet, called on Palestinians in foreign countries to fly to Israel and land at airports within the state.

The group called on Palestinian refugees to hold demonstrations at the borders between Israel and Syria,
Lebanon, Jordan and the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip reported on Saturday that a man was shot dead by IDF fire. The IDF confrimed that they shot at a man who was trying to plant an explosives device in the area.

On Friday, the IDF confirmed that they shot at the lower body of a man who instigated protests near the border with the Gaza Strip.

Officials in the Gaza Strip said that the man was involved in a demonstration which called for a third

After the shots were fired, the protesters distanced themselves from the border.

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Jay Knott said...

"It is an invasion by a foreign entity and Israel has every right to stop them with whatever means they want". So if you are invaded by a foreign entity, you can use whatever means you WANT to stop them? Zionism is the foreign entity in Palestine - it came from Europe and ethnically cleansed people who'd been there for centuries. Followed consistently, your argument justifies any act of Palestinian resistance. I wouldn't go that far!