Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spittle jihad

This is weird, but not unheard of.  Spitting is a commonly used curse in many cultures, Islam included.  The act of spitting on a non-Muslim is akin to throwing a shoe, so when Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi from Saudi Arabia began to spew mouth juice at her tormenters she was cursing at them as a Muslim.

Where is one of those police spit masks I always see on actuality TV shows when we need one?

From the SunSentinel May 16 by Barbara Hijek

Spitting Saudi woman faces hate crime charges

Stay away from this woman — especially during flu season.

Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi, a Saudi Arabian national, was spitting mad.

The 21-year-old woman is accused of repeatedly spitting at a Walmart customer in Palm Bay on Sunday afternoon after the woman told her she entered the wrong door, reports Florida Today in Melbourne.

Al-Doaifi, accompanied by her 2-year-old son, attempted to roll a shopping cart into the store and struck the exit door, prompting the customer to tell her she was using the wrong door.

She also attempted to spit at another customer who apparently got too close to her but missed.

Patrol officers approached Al-Doaifi to talk to her in the store and asked her why she spat at customers.

Americans are pushing us around,’ Al-Doaifi allegedly told officers before they arrested her.

False victimization alert.

She also had previously spat at one of her Florida Tech professors, according to police.

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