Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upset over how women dress, Muslim sexually assaults women

Since women are seen as property in Islam(2-223) and not as a human being, and that disobedient women should be beaten(4-34) along with 4-11 which says a woman gets only half the inheritance a man does, is it any wonder that  Almahde Ahmad Atagore, in compliance with the Qur'an and Muhammad took these women as he saw them?  Mere pieces of meat, to be dealt with according with Islamic doctrine. 

Rather than walking away or ignoring it, his Muslim sensibilities were insulted, thus the attacks.  It was his job to teach these wild women the meaning of modesty and civil accord, so he showed them the only way a Muslim male can.  With his penis. 

This is jihad by the phallus.

This is Islam.

From The Telegraph May 31 by Elissa Hunt

Foreign student upset by the way women dressed jailed for sex attacks 

A FOREIGN student who sexually assaulted seven victims claimed he was upset at the way Australian women dressed and behaved, a court has heard.

Libyan masters student Almahde Ahmad Atagore, 28, was this morning jailed for at least three years over the assaults in August and September last year.

He had been in the country only a month, on a sponsorship funded by his government.
But County Court Judge Margaret Rizkalla said Atagore wasn’t prepared for the cultural differences and felt isolated and depressed.

No raised eyebrows from those charged with vetting these programs?  Not even because it is Libya?  Appalling.

He indecently assaulted two teenagers leaving the Mentone Hotel, laughing at them afterwards.

Atagore returned another night to attack two more outside the same pub.

Two more victims, including a 13-year-old girl, were assaulted as they used escalators at Flinders St station.

Another, 17, was attacked outside Mentone train station.
Atagore was identified in footage from Flinders St and cameras outside the hotel, but when confronted by police denied he had molested the victims.

Judge Rizkalla said he struggled to adapt to Australian life, without a mosque nearby and with little support.

The devotion to Islam is paramount, even over your country of residence.  

Atagore told a psychiatrist he was upset at the way local women dressed and behaved, leaving him feeling both angry and aroused.

Most males keep their pants zipped and their passion under control.  Not Muslims.  Remember Lara Logan?

But he now felt shame and regret for his crimes, the judge said.

Because he was caught, not because it was the wrong thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

Lock and load ladies, lock and load! If more women were trained in the use of handguns, perhaps these "angry", "depressed" and "isolated" Middle Eastern males would think twice before taking out their "frustrations" on helpless women and children. Three years in a Western jail doesn't even begin to offer redress to the victims of these cowardly pedophiles and perverts.