Friday, May 27, 2011

Does the world belong to Islam?

From the perspective of Islamists all over the globe, yes it does. 

Iran is one of the biggest agitators for a global Islamic hegemony, their rhetoric and anti-semitic rants keeping the drumbeat of Jew-hating at full boil.  Their blind hatred for anything non-Islamic is evident in how they treat their own people, as well as their total adherence to sharia law.  I love Iran, only for the fact that they are exactly who they say they are and make no bones at all about which direction they want the world to go.

Iran is an easy read, just watch their lips move.

From ABNA May 27

Worlds future belongs to Islam

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - “The recent events … show that the future of the world, including [that of] the US and Europe, belongs to Islam,” Moslehi said at a conference in the central Iranian city of Karaj on Thursday.

The intelligence minister pointed to the recent popular revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen and other anti-government uprisings across the Arab world and argued that all of these movements are of Islamic nature, inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Moslehi referred to the West's “confusion” over the wave of the Islamic awakening, saying Western countries try to attribute the movements to “non-Islamic” roots.

The recent visits by US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to different parts of the world, particularly to the Middle Eastern countries, are aimed at “preventing further losses to the US interests in the region,” he added.

Moslehi called on regional heads of states, especially Saudi officials, not to follow the US path, because they themselves will eventually “get entangled with the Islamic awakening.”

Not so veiled threat alert.

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Frank Hatch said...

Dialectical Logic of the Islamists:

Dialectical logic is found in the core of Eastern and Western thought. It is a common flaw to the the human species. Although the various human cultures have developed their own methods of using this flaw, it is not simply a cultural defect. However, since each culture uses this flaw to defend and to define itself, every attempt to correct the flaw is perceived to be an attack on the culture itself.

Islamists are particularly sensitive to this perceived attack; because the dialectical Absolute of the Koran is found in the attempt to synthesize the Old and the New Testaments.

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Frank Hatch
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