Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Hamas saya about Obama's speech

Simce Obama referenced Hamas by way of the "Palestinians" it is important to hear what they say.  Always remember, the Hamas charter calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and the death of all the Jews.

From YNet News May 19 by Elior Levy

Hamas: Obama speech total failure

Hamas doesn't need democracy lessons from American president, terror group says   

President Barack Obama's Mideast policy speech Thursday was a "total failure," Hamas said Thursday evening.

"The (Arab) nation does not need a lesson on democracy from Obama," said Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip, Sami Abu-Zuhri. "Rather, Obama is the one who needs the lesson given his absolute endorsement of Israel's crimes and his refusal to condemn Israel's occupation."

"We will not recognize the Israeli occupation under any circumstances," the Hamas spokesman said, while adding: "We object to intervention in our internal affairs."

Abu-Zuhri also urged the Palestinian Authority not to endorse the American president's speech. He stressed the need to coordinate Palestinian positions in the face of what he referred to as "American-Israeli arrogance."

Other Hamas sources said the president's speech was "deceptive."

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Zener said...

Is Hamas telling us tha Obama is not Muslim enough...?