Sunday, May 29, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood leader wants to run for President of Egypt

And why not?  Obama is reaching out to the Brotherhood as a secular civil rights group who has given up violence and embraced democracy.  The revolution, we are told is either the voice of the little people rising up against tyranny or a new Islamic awakening stemming from the 1979 Iranian revolt. 

The latter would apply here.

From AlMasry AlYoum May 29 by Hany ElWaziry

Brotherhood sheikh to run for president

Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail announced his intention to run in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections.

He said that if elected he would implement Islamic sharia law and cancel the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

Ismail was the Brotherhood’s candidate in 2005 parliamentary elections for Dokki in Giza.

The group announced earlier that it would not take part in the presidential elections and confirmed that it would compete for only half the seats in Parliament. But Ismail is the second Brotherhood member to have announced his intention to run for president in defiance of the group's leadership. The other Brotherhood candidate is Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, a liberal-minded Islamist.

And that would be a Muslim who does what?  Exactly how is a liberal Islamist defined? 

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