Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"...antisemitism among Muslim students was theologically inspired and that there is a direct link between being Muslim and harboring antisemitic feelings."

There is nothing false about this statement.  Growing up Muslim in most Islamic countries means being inculcated to hate Jews from a very early age.  Most prevalent in the Middle East, and rampant among the refugees and their children, this lifetime demonization of Israel and Jews, based mostly in created history and the texts and tenets of Islam, does maintain a culture of hatred and anti-semitism which grows more deadly with each generation.

By pointing out that which is in the Qur'an and hadiths of Muhammad, Professor of Sociology Mark Elchardus is being sued by a local Muslim activist group.  They claim that Elchardus is perpetrating a hate crime by saying these things, and that he should be prosecuted.  Their feelings are hurt and Muslims want justice in the form of stifling free speech.  More sharia, more supression of civil rights in the name of Muslim multiculturism.  Remember, in a Muslim country, conform to Muslim norms.  When in a non-Muslim country, conform to Muslim norms.

Got it?  Good. 

This is not happening in America, this is in Belgium.

From ABNA May 31

Belgium Muslim organization sues sociologist for making link between Islam and antisemitism
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The Vigilance Musulmane (Muslim Vigilance) think-tank lodged a complaint with the Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Fight Against Racism (CGKR) against VUB professor of sociology Mark Elchardus, for statements about Islam and antisemitism he made in the De Morgen newspaper.

On May 12 the newspaper published the results of a study 'Jong in Brussel' by the Youth Research Platform. In the article Mark Elchardus said that antisemitism among Muslim students was theologically inspired and that there is a direct link between being Muslim and harboring antisemitic feelings.

Over 140 verses in the Qur'an demonizing Jews, not one of which has ever been discounted or dismissed as not relevant by any respected cleric, sheik or school of Islamic jurisprudence.

Vigilance musulmane say that this goes back to the idea that every Muslim is antisemitic. His statements incite the public opinion to hate all Muslim citizens on the basis of their religious convictions. The think-tank say Elchardus' claim violates the anti-discrimination law of 2007 , which forbids discrimination on the basis of 'religious convictions'. They say his statements also violate article 444 of the penal code, since they were repeated extensively in print.

Not every Muslim is anti-semitic, but to claim that is so will continue to bolster the "victim" status within Islam and among it's supporters. 

The think-tank wants CGKR to legally review this type of public statement, and if it applies, to act appropriately.

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