Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drunken Muslim women gang up on, beat non-Muslim woman in Britain

Sit down for this next part. Because the women are Muslim, and Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, the attackers will serve no time in jail and instead receive a six month suspended sentence. The judge said they, as Muslims were not used to the effects of alcohol and therefore would not be held responsible for their behavior. Next we will hear that some Muslims are not used to the effects of jihad, and should not be responsible for the deaths wrought when the bomb they built in the kitchen of their Mom exploded.

This judge should step down or be impeached, and the gang of Allah's Disciples needs time behind bars.

From The Mail Online December 6 by Andy Dolan and Katherine Faulkner

Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling 'kill the white slag' freed after judge hears 'they weren't used to drinking because they're Muslims

A gang of Muslim women who attacked a passer-by in a city centre walked free from court after a judge heard they were ‘not used to being drunk’ because of their religion.

The group – three sisters and a cousin – allegedly screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they set upon Rhea Page as she waited for a taxi with her boyfriend.

Miss Page, 22, was left with a bald patch where her hair was pulled out in the attack and was left ‘black and blue’ after suffering a flurry of kicks to the head, back, arms and legs while motionless on the pavement.

Ambaro Maxamed, 24, students Ayan Maxamed, 28, and Hibo Maxamed, 24, and their 28-year-old cousin Ifrah Nur each admitted actual bodily harm, which carries a maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment.

But Judge Robert Brown gave them suspended jail terms after hearing mitigation that as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk. The Koran prohibits Muslims from consuming alcohol, although Islamic teachings permit its use for medicinal purposes.

After the sentencing, Ambaro Maxamed wrote on her Twitter account: ‘Happy happy happy!’, ‘I’m so going out’, and ‘Today has been such a great day’.

Yesterday Miss Page, a care worker, called the sentence ‘disgusting’ and said the gang deserved ‘immediate custody’.

‘It’s no punishment at all,’ she said. ‘And for them to say they did it because they were not used to alcohol is no excuse. If they were not supposed to be drinking then they shouldn’t have been out in bars at that time of night.

‘Even after the police came and they all ran away, one of them came running back to kick me in the head one last time.

‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I am white. I can’t think of any other reason.’

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A Christian Woman Who Has Lived Under Shariah said...

Four people against one, oh that's fair!
If I go to the UK and start drinking, and then somehow end up beating a Muslim woman, would the judge buy my excuse that "I'm not used to drinking"?
Somehow I doubt that this would work for me or any other non Muslim.
Why not just call this incident what it really is: a HATE crime, a hate crime perpetrated by Muslims who understood that the English authorities will do nothing to stop them.