Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Iranian self-aggrandizement

When one pats oneself on the back one usually gets a crick in the shoulder. The Iranian government has given itself an award for a book it wrote, noting that "...the enemy will know that the entire Muslim nation is committed to implementing the Supreme Leader’s instructions, and will not even dare threaten a military attack.” The title of this award-winning book should surprise no one; "How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet"

I would now imagine that those who claim that no one, including Iran has ever said that they want Israel and the Jews destroyed will immediately recant and now throw their unwavering support to Israel and Jews.

We'll wait.....

From PJ Media December 4 by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

“How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet,” the Iranian regimes give its own book an award

How to Eliminate Israel, a book written by a group seminarians in the city of Qom, was being promoted at the 13th book fair held in the north eastern Province of Khorasan Province, last week.

In an interview with RASA News, Hojjat ol’Eslam Mohammad Ebrahim-Nia, who headed up the team of writers, said: “How to Eliminate Israel won the Book of the Year award in the ‘soft war’ book category at the fair. Three thousand copies of this first edition of the 180-page book has been published by the Khorasan branch of the Ministry of Islamic culture and guidance. The book is seven chapters and it covers the Israeli mentality and weak points, the Israeli people’s crimes, warnings given to Muslims about the Jews in the Quran, and the effective methods of dealing with them. Also, other than current translations of relevant verses from the Quran, the book includes pictures of Zionists associated with the themes of the cited verses and relevant statements made by Jewish thinkers. The content and title of the book are based on religious rulings issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, who judged that the elimination of the State of Israel is a religious duty similar to other duties to which all Muslims are committed. The verses of the Quran which discuss the Jews are always applicable, and there is no other people about which the Quran warns the Muslims as much as the Jews, who continue their crimes against the Muslim nation.”

Tens of Millions of Muslims listen to, and act according to what Khomeini says, tens of Millions of others will not directly act against Jews or Israel, but they will stay silent in the face of aggression against Israel, or they will provide help in other ways; food, shelter, clothes, weapons, safe houses and money. Couple that with Iranian Shia apocalypse theology and you have the perfect Islamic storm brewing in Iran. And as Iran exports and supports groups like Hizballah, Hamas and others, the battle front is expanding globally, making it harder to fight an enemy as dispersed as Islam.

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