Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Now, anti-Christian cartoons insult Muslims

My hair hurts trying to figure out what to think. First, Muslims riot and murder because of a cartoon depicting Muhammad with a bomb as a turban. Now, Muslims are insulted that anyone would attach to the mosque door the cartoon below, believing that it represents someone supporting Pastor Jones and his burning of the Qur'an (which never happened.)

This is just stupid, and misleading. The article tries to make the point that it is Muslims who are being attacked, mosques burned to the ground, and mobs of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches are rounding up innocent Muslims. As far from the truth as that claim is, it is also false that Muslims are the victims of increasing hate crimes. The latest FBI hate crime stats show that, once again it is Jews suffering the greatest religious persecution, with over 70% of religious hate crimes perpetrated against the, and only 9% against Muslims.

There is no justification for the angst and shock in the Muslim community, it is a set-up, and continuation of the victimization Muslims have created, in order to gain sympathy from those useful idiots who dislike America and want to see her defeated.

From The Spec December 6 by Nicole O'Reilly

Editorial cartoon posted on mosque door prompts hate crime investigation

<span class=JonesQurancartoon.jpg">
(Thanks to Jihad Watch for the cartoon)

Hamilton Downtown Mosque leaders are saying they are the victims of a hate crime after two copies of a cartoon depicting a caveman dropping a Quran into an open fire were taped to the women’s prayer entrance.

The cartoons, which include the words “primitive man discovers fire,” were found duct-taped to the doors of 96 Wilson St., on Sunday.

The image, an editorial cartoon, was originally published in the Toronto Star in September 2010 as a critique of Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ “International Burn a Quran Day.”

It was an attack on Pastor Terry Jones, calling him a primitive man,” Toronto Star spokesperson Bob Hepburn said Tuesday, adding that it was in no way an attack on Islam.

For Muslims, any port in the storm...

At the time of publication, the Star did not receive any formal complaints, Hepburn said.

It’s not the original intent, but rather the intention of the culprit that has Imam Sayed Tora concerned. “If a person wants to show support for the Muslim community, there are many other ways to do it,” he said.

Hamilton police spokesperson Catherine Martin said the hate crime unit is investigating whether the incident constitutes a hate crime (see sidebar) and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

(.)It’s “reasonable to assume” that the perpetrator was not posting the cartoon to support the Muslim community, but rather to support the ideas of Pastor Terry Jones, said Hussein Hamdani, spokesperson for the Muslim Council of Greater Hamilton, of which the Downtown Mosque is a member.

It is only reasonable to assume this support, from a Muslim perspective, as Islam is always under attack from the West and the non-believer. It is never the fault of the Muslim, it is always the fault of the kuffir.

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