Saturday, December 3, 2011

The sickness that is Islam destroys young girls life before it begins

The depravity of Muslim males regarding females is as base as it gets, remember that it is women who must cover up lest their mere presence sets off the Muslim male, to where the frenzy of the little head knows no restraint.

This poor girl had no chance to live any kind of life; groomed for sex at an early age and then tossed away when the convenience of her lady parts wore out. She spoke up, and that got her murdered at age 17.

From The Mail Online December 2 by Rob Cooper

Groomed for sex at 12, stabbed to death at 17: Shocking life of white teenage mother murdered after Asian lover rejected her child

A teenage student stabbed to death and dumped in a canal was groomed for sexual exploitation by adults from the age of 12, it has been revealed.

Laura Wilson, 17, had been tracked by social services since 2005 after she was identified as being 'at risk' of sexual exploitation by British Pakistani men.

But their work focused on other girls who were more closely associated with abusers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The white teenager was the victim of a cycle of sexual abuse and little was done to help her, Laura's family have claimed.

Rather than removing her from the situation, social services only carried out 'preventative' work to stop her falling into the clutches of abusers.

The student was murdered in October last year after bringing 'shame' on two Asian families.

She had a brief fling with married Ishaq Hussain, now 22, and became pregnant with his child while she
was in a sexual relationship with Ashitaq Asghar.

A few days before she was murdered and dumped in the canal she had revealed to the two families that she had had affairs with both men.

After being informed of the relationship, Asghar's mother apparently hit Laura with a shoe. she said her son would never have a baby with a white girl and called Laura a 'dirty white b****', and she should 'keep her legs closed'.

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