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"Palestinians never had their own state — they were ruled by the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years, like most of the Arab world. "

This simple and historically accurate fact, as unpleasant as it is, forms the basis for Newt Gingrich's statement. The refugees, and their handlers cannot, and will not acknowledge this history, as that would discount and negate everything they have been making up about 'Palestine" for the last 60+ years. Their outrage is understandable; they have been called out for the liars they are and they are not happy about being found out.

No statement, by any leader of the refugees, in the article below brings any facts to the accusations, only threats and name-calling. That shows a lack of intellect and a moral bankruptcy on the part of the refugees and whom they choose to speak for them. There is nothing legitimate that can be said to bolster the refugees claim to the land of "Palestine," there is nothing in history which gives the land that is now Israel a rightful claim by the refugees.

Newt is right, and those who hate Israel are livid. Even some Jews are mad at Newt for speaking what they see as hate speech. Nonetheless, the truth must be said if we are to start solving the problems associated with Israel and the refugees. And the first item on the agenda is for the leaders and spokespeople for the refugees to admit the "history" of the refugees is not that of a persecuted people thrown off their "land" by the evil Jews.

Or not.

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From USA Today December 10

Palestinians outraged by Gingrich remarks

JERUSALEM (AP) – A slew of Palestinian officials reacted with dismay Saturday to Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich's statement that the Palestinians are an "invented" people.

The Jewish Channel, a U.S. cable TV network, released excerpts of the interview on Friday in which the former House speaker said Palestinians were not a people because they never had a state and because they were part of the Ottoman Empire before the British mandate and Israel's creation.

"Remember, there was no Palestine as a state — (it was) part of the Ottoman Empire. I think we have an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs and historically part of the Arab community and they had the chance to go many places," Gingrich said, according to a video excerpt posted online.

The Palestinian prime minister, Salam Fayyad, demanded Gingrich "review history."

"From the beginning, our people have been determined to stay on their land," Fayyad said in comments carried by the Palestinian news agency Wafa. "This, certainly, is denying historical truths."

Lies on behalf of Islam.

Gingrich's statements struck at the heart of Palestinian sensitivities about the righteousness of their national struggle.

Palestinians never had their own state — they were ruled by the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years, like most of the Arab world. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed in the aftermath of World War I, the British, then a global colonial power, took control of the area, then known as British Mandate Palestine.

During that time, Jews, Muslims and Christians living on the land were identified as "Palestinian."

Now, only certain Muslims are allowed to claim the land as their own, no Christian or Jew will be allowed to carry the "Palestinian" badge as long as they maintain their identity as Christian or Jew.

Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi said Gingrich had "lost touch with reality." She said his statements were "a cheap way to win (the) pro-Israel vote."

A spokesman for the militant Hamas rulers of the Palestinian Gaza Strip called Gingrich's statements "shameful and disgraceful."

"These statements … show genuine hostility toward Palestinians," said spokesman Fawzi Barhoum.

No mention of the hostility from Islam towards Jews and Israel, which would justify Israel's "hostility."

Palestinians bristle at the implication that they were generic Arabs with no specific attachment to the land that Zionist Jews coveted. Using the word "Palestinians" is a way for them to emphasize their claims.

Palestinians are culturally Arabs — they speak Arabic and their culture is broadly shared by other Arabs who live in the eastern Mediterranean.

But they, for the most part, identify themselves as Palestinians, just as the Lebanese, Jordanians and Syrians also identify themselves with a specific national identity.

There were no identified Lebanese, Syrian or Jordanian peoples until after WWI when the Ottoman Empire broke up, It was not until the state of Israel started to become a reality, that those Arabs who now call themselves Palestinian began to assert their contrived claim to the land.

For Palestinians, their identity was hewed over decades of fighting against another nationalist struggle over the same land — that of Zionist Jews.

This fight is 1,400 years old, and showing no signs of letting up.

During the war surrounding the Jewish state's creation in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled, or were forced to flee their homes.

Most at the insistence of the Arab League.

Gingrich's reasoning was popular in the decades following Israel's creation, although that argument has since fallen out of favor among mainstream Israelis.

That does not make it any less important and prescient in today's atmosphere of lies and misdirection.

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