Saturday, December 10, 2011

No democracy in Egypt, say Salafists

Whoops! Isn't it a little too soon to be dropping the mask of moderation and exposing your true agenda? You must be just a tad bit excited at the prospects of a new Islamic powerhouse, which you will be a large part of. Try not to let your excitement over-ride your natural tendencies to exploit your position for the benefit of Allah; that would be wrong.

Silly me, carry on.

From AlMasryAlYoum December 8

Democracy is heresy, says Salafi Nour Party

<p>Salafist protester holds up portrait of "Abou Yehia" during rally heading Interior Ministery, Cairo, September 23,2011, to demand release of Sheikh Mohamed Fadel "Abou Yehia" who was arrested in sectarian clashes of Imbaba.</p>
The smiling faces of Egyptian jihad photo by Namir Galal

Democracy is heresy because it contradicts the principle of allegiance that was used after the death of prophet Mohamed, whereby people choose their caliph once and then remain loyal to him, said the Salafi Nour Party at a rally in Giza.

The party called the campaign of the liberal Egyptian Bloc a campaign of “Zionism” and “Freemasonry.”

“We must obliterate the liberalism that was introduced by Sadat and Mubarak and reinstate the rule of Islam,” said Shaaban Darwish, a member of the party’s supreme committee.

“The liberals have corrupted political life in the last 60 years,” he added. “All they want is to protect their interests with the Americans and the Arabs.”

Irony alert; it is the Left in America trying their best to bring this new democracy to Egypt, yet the party who has gained the most power is against liberalism. What to do...what to do...

“When we rule, we’ll bring in a lot of money,” he said.

Party candidate Adel Azazy said Islamic laws in Saudi Arabia helped reduce the crime rate substantially.

You cannot steal when you have no hands.

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