Friday, December 2, 2011

22 arrested in Britain while protesting "anti-Muslim" drone strikes

The "United Ummah" held a protest to complain about drone strikes killing innocent Muslims in Pakistan. Since we do not, and never have targeted innocent civilians, those we have terminated must have been with family or other hangers-on, or they were hiding in an area that was close to innocents. I am sorry for the loss of life, the enemy takes many forms and hides in many places, we cannot take the time to determine if there are a few innocents at the location. It is not our responsibility to knock on a door and ask who else is inside, when we know the person(s) we want are behind that door.

War is hell and non-combatants die. So does the enemy, and we must never forget that.

From DAWN December 1

UK arrests 22 in drone demonstration

LONDON: British police say 22 people have been arrested outside of the US Embassy in London during a protest over the American use of drones in Pakistan.

Scotland Yard confirmed the arrests on Friday at the demonstration, organised by a group calling itself ”United Ummah.”

Police said 20 people were arrested on suspicion of being members of a group banned by the Home Office. It would not say what group it believed the suspects belong to. One other person was arrested for violent disorder and another for obstruction.

”United Ummah” does not appear on the Home Office’s list of banned groups, but prescribed organisations have rebranded themselves in the past after they were featured.

The demonstration was advertised online – on YouTube, Twitter and various forums – and in a publicity video as a gathering to expose ”the recent spate of anti-Muslim drone strikes that have been launched by the US government against innocent Muslims.”

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