Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New fatwa; high heels are "seductive" and now haram

Men get excited seeing a beautiful leg in a high heel, so it must be forbidden. Except for the husband, of course. I wonder where a Muslim man would get high heels that fit a nine year-old?

From Al Arabiya December 6

The recent emergence of the hardline Salafi trend in Egypt after the January 25 revolution has given way to a series of controversial fatwas that mainly focused on women, Copts, culture and democracy.

Preacher Mustafa al-Adawi issued a fatwa prohibiting Muslim women from wearing high heels because they are a source of seduction for men.

“A woman can only wear high heels for her husband but she is not to do so outside her house,” he said.

How would a woman buy a pair of high heels if she is not allowed to wear them for an unrelated male, and unrelated males are the only people selling women's shoes?

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