Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's about time; aid to Pakistan frozen by Congress

Now the only question is; will the freeze turn into a permanent suspension.

From the Global Post December 13 by Lillian Rizzo

US Congress freezes $700 million in aid for Pakistan

A US Congressional panel froze $700 million in aid to Pakistan until the country gives assurances it is

joining the fight against the spread of homemade bombs in the region, Reuters reported.

The latest move by the United States may only further hurt ties with Pakistan and contribute to the

growing sense of anti-Americanism in the population, a senior Pakistani official told NBC News. The

relationship between the two counties suffered greatly in May when US forces killed Osama bin Laden in


Pakistan the victim, and it's our fault.

The cutback in aid shows the United States’ frustration over what it sees as Islamabad’s reluctance to act

against militant groups, the BBC reported. Pakistan is one of the largest recipients of US foreign aid. The

cutback announced by Congress on Tuesday is only a small portion of the billions in civil and military

assistance the country receives each year, Reuters reported.

Jizya is jizya no matter the amount.

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