Sunday, December 11, 2011

Re-branding the image to reflect a more mature outlook

Al-Shabaab in Somalia is getting a make-over. Al-Shabaab means "The Youth" or more simply, lads. As the members are getting older, they feel their image is not one of youth anymore, but of a more experienced and knowledgeable bunch of Islamic fanatics. Therefore, you will now call them " Imaarah Islamiya" or the Islamic Authority.

Who ordered the new business cards? Ahmed? Jabbar? Anybody?

From The Daily Mail December 6 by Dan Newling

Al-Shabaab terrorists change name which means 'lads' because its leaders are all getting old

Somalia’s Al-Shabaab terrorist group has changed its name from 'The Lads' in an attempt to project a more mature image.

Welcome to AARP Somalia

The military group, which is responsible for killing thousands in Somalia’s 20-year civil war, announced the name change this week.

It will now call itself Imaarah Islamiya (The Islamic Authority), the Somalia Report news service said.

Al-Shabaab is suspected of being behind the kidnap of Briton Judith Tebbutt, 56, from a Kenyan island resort in September.

Mrs Tebbutt’s husband, David, 58, was shot dead during the kidnap, which happened after bandits landed by boat at the resort near Somalia’s border with Kenya.

Mrs Tebbutt’s whereabouts are still not known.

Two Kenyan men - Ali Babitu Kololo, 25, and Issa Sheikh Saadi, 37 - were charged in connection with the kidnapping and shooting.

Mukhtaar Robow, a spokesman for the group said: 'Al-Shabaab means "youth" but many of us, including the leaders, are very old so we want to change the name to Imaarah Islamiya.'

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